Nischal Shrestha

Transfer Issues in Software Engineering


Hi, I'm Nischal. I'm interested in applying HCI research to build new techniques and tools to help software engineers become more productive. Specifically, I do research in learning transfer for programming languages, investigating new techniques and tools that can help programmers learn second and subsequent languages effectively and efficiently. I work in the alt-code lab at NC State University and I am advised by Dr. Chris Parnin.

Conference papers

It's Like Python But: Towards Supporting Transfer of Programming Language Knowledge [pdf]

N. Shrestha, T. Barik and C. Parnin, VL/HCC 18

We explore a tool to support learning new programming languages, given experience in one or more languages.

Doctorate consortium papers

Towards Supporting Knowledge Transfer of Programming Language Knowledge[pdf]

N. Shrestha, VL/HCC 18

I outline the current research on learning transfer for programming languages and provide first steps for better transfer support.